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Effective work of your Transport business


Focus on the main. Inn.Logist will take care of the rest

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Online service management of transport business

Business Automation nice and easy

Integrated software service allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the business 24/7

Track the location of your transport

Monitor your vehicles without expensive equipment 24/7 with the free Inn.Logist app. Special conditions for installing GPS trackers.

Take advantage of online document flow

Electronic signature. Transparent loading and sending of documents. Contains all the necessary templates with the ability to edit

Supervice the work of drivers and managers.

Create convenient accounts for logistics managers and monitor the efficiency of drivers

Enhance trust of your clients

Connect your customers to the service and provide them with what they need - access to cargo tracking

Our Features

Prompt customer's signature. Transparent document upload and submission. Contains all required templates with editing option

Cloud solution



Flexible reporting settings allow you to make decisions based on accurate data

24/7 Service

Technical support at any time via online chat, e-mail or phone

Electronic document management

Fast exchange of necessary documents


All vehicles in the system are checked by administrators

Visible order fulfillment process

Real-time monitoring of the transportation process at all stages

Our Solutions

We have solutions to the main problems that you may encounter in your work


  • Lack of control and reporting on the driver and cargo


  • Real-time vehicle tracking.
  • Monitoring the activities of staff and drivers.
  • Calculation of delivery time
  • Ineffective work of logisticians, luring customers and wasting time on workflow
  • Automatic selection of free transport upon receipt of an application
  • Electronic document management with the possibility of electronic signatures;
  • Lack of analytics of key business indicators
  • Reports and analytics with the possibility of customization,
  • API integration with your accounting system
  • Communication problem between logistician and driver
  • Full control of transportation at any stage
  • Work tool at hand (Lack of current information about the state of the company online)
  • A mobile application that allows you to manage your business using a smartphone.
  • Unfair counterparties (untested opendatabot)
  • Multi-level verification of all counterparties in the system
  • Unfavorable freight rates
  • An opportunity to offer your price if necessary

Simple steps that bring you closer to your goals

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Flexible plans built to allow your business to grow


Flexible plans built to allow your business to grow




80 UAH/Month per vehicle


200 UAH/Month per vehicle



Profile & Collaboration

Control profile

Company info

Adding departments

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Orders & Requests

Receiving direct orders from customers for your transport

Ability to transfer the order to the partner indicating its price

Independent formation of orders

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Transport management

Tracking vehicle location

Automatic selection of suitable vehicles to order

Finance & Analytics

Analytics of the main indicators of the company and reporting

Transactions analytics

Logistics Manager Analytics

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Electronic document management

Automatic creation of necessary documents

Document templates

How to start a work ?

step 1

Sing up & Log in


Register for free in the system and log in from any available devices. Add your employees, transport and company information

step 2

Get to work


Create or receive new orders, your drivers will receive them in their mobile applications, and the necessary documents will be created automatically

Web Portal &
Mobile app

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Easy to distribute applications by car, appoint drivers and forwarders

Hero Hero

Alex Shevchenko

“Thank you for the convenient tool in accelerating daily work. We now have the opportunity to track transport not only using GPS. And not only transport, but also the work of drivers.

Logisticians have the opportunity to remotely manage orders and their execution many times faster. Track status and be confident in its efficiency. Thanks for the service! "

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